the ladder of the world

"I consider that, we christians have not yet found a visual symbol expressing the full revelation of Jesus Christ, or, if we found it, we do not use the proper one the dogma of the cross, the substitutionary death of the Lamb of God for mankind, is revealed in details to us in the Scriptures, but the visual image, the shape of the cross, was not revealed we seek to express it visually

from the visual point of view, the cross is the strongest iconic tenssion of this planet: the intersection of the vertical to the horizontal and masterfully expresses substitutionary death of the Saviour
The problem is that this symbol does not express also the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ, and resurrection is the major theme of His revelation, its peak
He died on the cross pointing His resurrection and our resurrection from the dead
death on the cross of Jesus Christ is the minor theme of Christianity (friday), however, the major theme is the resurrection (sunday)
aware of this iconic inadequacy, some of the ancestors of our faith advocated non presentation on the cross of Christ's body, than, the cross left blank, to express that Jesus rose
yes, for those of us who a have theological knowledge, it can be a deduction, but effectively, the visual symbol of the cross does not suggest resurrection, but rather may express that He was not put on the cross, or that He was descended from it and is placed in the tomb

my series of work 'the ladder of the world' constitutes a search, my search to find symbolic forms expressing both death and resurrection"

- liviu mocan, sculptor

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