"seeds is the encapsulation of life, seeds is the metaphor for life

science has attempted to understand life, to explain the secrets behind the creative power of nature for hundreds of years

science may even explain all the processes in nature but the universe evolves its own destiny

the universe has organized its own self-awareness and even if things pass, and men die

there seems to be something going on behind it all, giving the meaning to our existence: a kind of cosmic blueprint

governing the entire structure of the wonderful creative universe we inhabit

so, welcome to seeds - the celebration of life"

- professor, dr. robert wierzbicki

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"It happens that the window of my office overlooks the inner yard of the university college where i teach

right in the middle stands, for already a couple of years, the green seed... it seems to me it is there from always!

from time to time, when i take a break, i just watch through my window

sometime the yard is empty for a short while, sometime full of noisy students, sometimes only a few scattered around, just as noisy

i cannot refrain myself from a fuzzy feeling: “the seed” is sowing youth around! suddenly i feel better and i return to my desk a bit younger and happier than a few moments ago

thank you “green seed”!"

- prof. mircea maniu

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a garden

"the old city center of sibiu used to be, until recently, a big garden. many say that its restoration would mean restoring the garden. however, the positioning of the sculpture ensemble “a garden” in the new city center allows us to conclude that the historical center stands the chance of becoming, in a fortunate future, the garden of the new center.

in the process of reorganizing the urban space of sibiu, we find ourselves in the middle of events, in the heart of a garden, of a public park – with the seeds placed here by the sculptor liviu mocan.

the architects’ hope - and mine personally, as chief-architect of the city, is that these grains would bring forth the reviving of the city, in a renewed city center.

we hope that the atmosphere of these events, together with this motto of the seed element will echo like the garden of a church, like the garden of a new future."

- szabolcs guttman, sibiu’s chief architect

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seeds from ruins

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